Mick Schumacher at the Ferrari Academy?

Mick Schumacher with his father's background image

Mick Schumacher , the son of Michael who has followed his steps in the world of motorsport, is slowly climbing in the lower categories and heading straight to F1 as one day his father did. The young German driver is doing well, but do not rush to reach the top flight without being prepared, or comparisons with his father and the pressures could weigh down his career.

According to the British press, and getting information from sources close to Maranello in Italy, it seems that Mick Schumacher would enter the Ferrari Academy to guide and tutor him in his ascent to F1. That would give you guarantees to move to driving a red car in the future if you do it right. Perhaps passing first by Sauber, the B team of Ferrari as we have seen with other riders like Antonio this year, etc.

Logo Ferrari Academy

Ferrari Driver Academy could sign with Mick and thus ensure that other teams or quarries who also want it do not succeed, as being the son of the Kaiser and for his good performances, the German driver is very coveted. We will see if this goes from being a simple rumor to being a reality and soon we can announce it officially, but I would not be surprised if it happened soon.

Recall that Mercedes has also flirted with having it, and is another team where Michael was in his return to F1. The same happens with Red Bull, that is going through a deep crisis in its quarry of young pilots. Before they had the best and boasted about it, but lately we have seen how they had to pull some more veterans or give second chances because they had no young people prepared. they had transcended advances in this sense.

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