Kubica de Alonso: "Not only is he one of the best in F1, he is the best"

Kubica and Alonso

Fernando Alonso has never hidden his good relationship with the Polish Robert Kubica . They used to play cards together and share free time when they were on race weekends. After the Kubica rally accident, the Pole had to withdraw from the world of F1 due to the sequels that he left in his hand, but now this season he is going back up as a starter in an F1, specifically in the Williams, although not anymore. will match Fernando as you know ...

The East European driver had a very great talent, and could have been champion and was even about to have signed for Ferrari had not the accident happened, and maybe there match of Alonso's partner . Undoubtedly something that would have been very interesting to have two pilots of so much talent sitting in both cars of Maranello. But far from speculation, what is a reality is what Kubica recently commented.

 Kubica with the Williams of 2017

He has done it in front of Movistar F1, and he has had some pretty good words to describe the Spanish driver. Fernando Alonso said: " Sometimes people confuse their desire to improve with arrogance or abuse. [...] Alonso became world champion because of his strong personality. Not only is he one of the best F1 drivers, but he is the best . ".

And he says someone who knows him very well. close , both inside the circuits and outside them. And he is not a nobody, since he has been one of the best pilots of the last times of the F1, and with competitive cars and without the accident, he would be fighting with the best. In fact, it is said that his driving style is the one that most resembles Schumacher's.

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