How to sell a second-hand car

Sell a car in the market > second hand is not difficult. You just have to keep in mind that it is not a simple exchange in which you receive money for the keys of your car. It does not matter what channel you do it. You will always have to make sure that the buyer complies with two very important procedures to have everything in order.

Of course, if you go to an official sale, the most normal thing is that they take care of the corresponding paperwork without problems and without setbacks. But if that is not your case, here we make it clear to you what you have to do to avoid problems , neither with the Treasury nor with the DGT.

  • the car has to have passed the last ITV that corresponded . The normal thing is that he has to go to four years for the first time, then every two until he is 10 years old and from there every year. However, there are special circumstances that you can see in New ITV: all the inspection changes in 2018 and how they affect you .
  • you must have paid the Circulation Tax of the previous year .

Purchase Agreement

Apart from this, you must obtain a contract of sale in which the date and time of the transaction appear, the full names of the seller and the buyer, the DNI numbers of both and the addresses. The car must show the make, the model, its cubic capacity, the number plate, the number of the frame, the mileage, the extras it includes and the state of the vehicle.

It is very important that the contract you use to sell a car appears exactly when the car passes from hands . This way you will avoid getting fines for possible buyer infractions. You should also make sure that the state of the car at the time of sale comes out in detail. They will be able to make you responsible for all breakdowns that occur during the following six months. For that reason it is convenient that everything appears, so that the buyer can not claim it as vices or hidden faults.

What the buyer should have in order

You have to make sure that the buyer fulfills his part if you are not using an agency for the procedures. You must bear in mind that there are two institutions that should be aware that the car no longer belongs to you: The Tax Agency (Treasury) and the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT ). Otherwise, they will continue to treat you as if you were the owner for taxes and fines. You would not be the first or the last one to receive the "recipes" of the new owner for not having informed you well.

It is normal for the buyer to have to pay to the Treasury the Transfer Tax Patrimonial . Although these expenses can be negotiated. What you do have to be clear is that, if it is not done through an agency (adding the corresponding extra cost), it is a procedure that the buyer has to do .In this case, as a seller you must protect yourself properly against default by the buyer. That's why you should always keep the original purchase contract, with a photocopy of the buyer's ID and with your phone number and other information. In addition, you should ask him to send you a photocopy of the new Circulation Permit in which he appears as the new owner of the car. It must be sent to you within 15 days. So inform him of this if you do not know.

And if he does not send you the new Circulation Permit?

In the If you do not send a copy of the new Circulation Permit, it is advisable that you go to a Traffic Headquarters to notify the change of owner. The rate is 8.50 euros that you can not pay in cash. Only with a credit or debit card. You will have to make an appointment, as with almost all the procedures of the DGT.

If you want to be clear about this process, visit the article: What do we need to carry out the transfer of a car?

Ways to sell a car

There are many ways by which you can sell a car . They go from one of those famous companies of purchase of vehicles, to a particular with which they have put you in contact. There are also digital platforms with their own application such as Wallapop or Vibbo, where you can advertise. Not to mention the typical second-hand page.

Choose the medium you choose, there are a series of measures that you can take previously to facilitate the sale of your car in the market secondhand. You can visit the article "Four tips to sell a second-hand car". It will give you the keys to make more attractive .

Fix what you can before and get more money

In addition, If your car needs it, you can also fix the damage you have yourself . Many of them are not too complicated to correct. It is more about knowing how to do it and dedicating a little time to it. Then we leave you a few tutorials in which you are instructed how to fix each mess:

  • How to remove scratches from the car: primer, paint and enamel
  • Remove car stickers: remove any debris without leaving a mark
  • Clean the interior of the car: upholstery, dashboard, glass ...
  • Remove resin from the car: tips, advice and what not to do
  • Clean the windows of the car: mosquitoes, bird droppings, dust ...
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